NFL, NCAA will again use undrafted underclassman as scare tactic

Every years, college football players who are old enough to vote, smoke, serve in the military, and in many cases legally drink make the adult decision to stop playing football for free and to attempt to play football for money. Even if the NFL and the NCAA would prefer that they continue to play football for no pay and, in many cases, an education they neither want nor take seriously but instead actively work to undermine at the express or implied urging of their coaches in order to devote maximum attention to football.

So when a chunk of those players inevitably aren’t selected in a seven-round draft, the guys who weren’t picked become the cautionary tale for next year’s crop of players who may choose to leave the NFL’s free farm system prematurely.

So to those 37 players who weren’t drafted: Don’t let the NFL, your college coaches, or anyone else allow you to live in regret. Be optimistic, be determined, and be hopeful to make the most out of your talents at the next level as an undrafted free agent. You’ve already made the decision to not spend another year of playing football for free, so it’s not like you’ll make any less money this year as a result of your decision to try to play in the NFL.

The segment is must-listen/watch/whatever, especially if you’re considering an investment of sorts based on a team doing better, or worse, than projected.

From Philly at 10.5 wins to Arizona at 5.5 wins (eeesh) and the other 14 in between, where are the best bets to beat the number, or to fail? There’s only one way to find out what we think.

“I’d say, you know, Coach Belichick obviously had a big influence on everyone that worked there over the years. I’d say every job that you have in the building, whether you’re the equipment manager, the head scout, a position coach, as long as you do your job to the best your ability, everything in the organization gets better. That’s what I’m trying to preach to my scouts and my personnel department and I know Matt is preaching the same things to his coaching department. If we just take our jobs really seriously and do the best at our jobs every day, we’re going to make this team better.”

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