Cardinals and Bears start offseason program tomorrow

Offseason? What offseason?

While free agency has largely come and gone, and we’ve still got a few weeks before the draft, a few teams are about to get to work for the 2018 campaign.

Teams are also allowed to have one mandatory minicamp for veterans, and teams with new head coaches get an additional voluntary minicamp prior to the draft.

The Ravens will be thinking about wide receiver and offensive line with this pick, but like the Packers, they could use some rebooting in their 3-4 with Wink Martindale taking over the scheme and Terrell Suggs turning 36 in October. Davenport can turn into a Suggs-like dynamo while learning from the veteran in a situational role at first.

The Chargers are nasty on the edges with Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram, but they could use more explosiveness inside to round out what has the makings of an elite defense in 2018. Payne has Bosa-like short-area speed and can add to opponents’ backfield nightmares.

We posted an item earlier today regarding a report from WEEI that the Patriots will be trading tight end Rob Gronkowski in the coming weeks. The report, which was being picked up by other websites, appeared in a single tweet that had no equivocation of any kind. It was clear, it was plain, and it was getting noticed.

And it was all some sort of time-delayed April Fool’s Day gag, apparently.

Chris Curtis of WEEI called me a little while ago to explain that it was a joke. I’m still scanning the tweet for the setup, the reinforcement, and/or the payoff.

That is a humorous anecdote. I can’t wait to tell that one at parties and other social gatherings.

I told Curtis I’m not happy about any of this. Needless to say, nothing WEEI ever reports again will be taken seriously in this space. It’s hard enough to keep people up to date on everything that’s happening in the NFL without people throwing gratuitous and unfunny hurdles in our path.bills_260

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