Browns may keep No. 1 choice secret until draft, says Hue Jackson

It promises to be a long month of rumors, reports, innuendos and maybe even a tall tale or two about the Browns’ plans at No. 1.

At the NFL Annual Meeting coaches’ breakfast Tuesday, Hue Jackson admitted that the Browns might keep their choice under wraps until the draft on April 26.

When asked if it would be best to take their best fit at QB and get on with it, he said yes. Absolutely.

That’s why I say, we get a chance to win the draft because we get the people that we want. We get to kind of dictate this thing on how we want it to go and there are four guys, but within the four guys, we’ve got to determine what is the best fit for us moving forward.”

Having said that, Dorsey isn’t ruling out trading the first pick, and has said the Jets called about No. 1 before dealing with Indianapolis at No. 3.

According to Mike Mayock of NFL Network, teams are apparently having trouble scheduling workouts and meeting with Jackson as a result of him using his mother as his agent.

It’s entirely possible to function without an agent in this process. But this is not a great look for Jackson — he needs to be getting in front of as many teams as he possibly can.

Additionally, it sounds like he’s missing out on media availability as well and generally just hurting himself in the process without hiring an agent.

This all brings to mind what one head coach told me this week about how to measure whether a ruling passes muster: Will 50 drunks in a bar agree

We should have known that the newly christened Dez Bryant Rule wouldn’t squash controversy in the NFL on its own. Clarity is a moving target.

No, as hard as Goodell may try, confusion reigns – or rains hard – in the NFL, on and off the field.patriots_129-223x223